Year 2: Gallery

Songfest, by Mrs Hewitt

We love reading!, by Mrs McKenny

Artist - Beatriz Milhazes, by Mrs McKenny

Ukulele Lessons, by Mrs McKenny

We love maths!, by Miss Tsang

Victoria Park Tiger, by Mrs McKenny

Individual Scarecrows, by Miss Harris

Class Scarecrows, by Miss Harris

Make your own scarecrow, by Mrs McKenny

More Rivi Messages, by Miss Tsang

Rivi Lockdown Messages, by Miss Tsang

Rainbow paintings, by Mrs McKenny

Book Week 2020., by Miss Speakman

Year Two's Church Experience, by Miss Speakman

Our Trip to Victoria Park, by Mrs Burrows

Delivering Harvest Parcels, by Mrs Burrows

Year Two Harvest Festival, by Mrs Burrows

Our Walk Around the Locality, by Miss Speakman

Book Week 2019, by Mrs McKenny

Key Strings, by Mrs McKenny

Book Week Part Two, by Mr Clarke

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