Miss Cunliffe is our Pastoral and Safeguarding Manager and she is trained to deliver the following interventions. If you feel like your child would benefit from any of these interventions then please contact Miss Cunliffe.

Butterflies - Bereavement support.

Drawing and Talking Therapy - Drawing and Talking Therapy is a safe, gentle approach for any individual or young person who needs some support with emotional difficulties. It is a theraputic intervention for children that allows individuals to express unconscious thoughts through a combination of drawing and talking. It is designed as a short-term pro-active intervention, intended to complement rather than replace the work of the Specialist Mental Health Services.

Lego Therapy - Lego therapy is a social development program for autistic children and other children with social communication difficulties. It uses children's love of Lego play, as well as their strengths and interests, to develop communication and social skills.

DESTY - DESTY Island is a safe, fun, interactive world where children learn about themselves, their feelings and how to manage BIG feelings.

'Worth It' Wellbeing Toolkit - Strategies to help support children.

ROAR ACE's - Supporting children with Adverse Childhood Experiences.


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