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At Rivington Primary we believe that PSHE and RSE are essential to raising standards of attainment for all children and to prepare them for the opportunities and experiences of modern life. A values led education supports behaviour and influences actions and attitudes. It equips children with the self-esteem and confidence to enable them to reach their potential and gives them the social skills to work with others effectively to build an effective and supportive school community. The PSHE education of children plays a significant part in their ability to learn and achieve.

Curriculum Intent

At Rivington we regard PSHE and RSE as an important, integral component of the whole curriculum. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum, ensuring that it:

  • Promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of our children.
  • Prepares our children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences they already face and for adult life.
  • Provides information about keeping healthy and safe, emotionally and physically.
  • Encourages our children to understand how all actions have consequences and how they can make informed choices to help themselves, others and the environment.
  • Helps our children to form healthy and respectful relationships.



The subject of PSHE is embedded in all that we teach. We have four key school values of Respect, Protect, Give Thanks and Keep the Peace. We make links to these values through all of our subjects. We also cover PSHE / RSE through weekly timetabled lessons using the Jigsaw Scheme, assemblies and special planned events. In addition Health education is taught through Science and PE.


We want our children to develop confidence, independence, resilience and responsibility in all they do, for them to develop the skills, values and attitudes to play an active role within their school and the wider community. We want our children to know how to maintain a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally and how to keep themselves and others safe. We want our children to develop effective and fulfilling relationships.

Assessment of PSHE is ongoing and our teaching of classes, groups and individuals is planned to support the children’s individual needs. 

Equality and SEN Statement

At Rivington Primary School we aim to provide equality of opportunity for all children whatever their age, ability, gender, race, religion or background.  We aim to create an environment that values each pupil and enables them to achieve their full potential.  We provide a broad and balanced curriculum appropriately differentiated to respond to pupils’ diverse learning needs. The opportunities and experiences we provide enable our pupils to participate fully and give their best across all aspects of school life.  We place great value on the quality of relationships within our school community and celebrate the achievements of all pupils.

We appreciate that children may have special educational needs throughout, or at any time during their school career.  At Rivington Primary School we aim to facilitate the full inclusion of pupils with special educational needs.



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