Our Gallery

Year 5 Maths , by Miss Laverick

Reception's first week, by Miss Smith

Wild West fun, by Mrs McKenny

Book Week 2015, by Mr Clarke

Early Years Book Week 2015, by Mrs McKenny

Our first signs of Spring, by Mrs McKenny

Outdoor Number Hunt!, by Miss Durbin

Year One Wash Day! , by Miss Durbin

Our chicks, by Mrs McKenny

Building Snowmen, by Miss Laverick

Year 4 Crime Day , by Miss Laverick

Year 3 Snow Day, by Miss Smith

Reception Snow Day, by Mr Clarke

Key Stage 2 Snow Day, by Mr Clarke

Autumn Learning, by Mr Clarke

Problem Solving, by Mrs McKenny

Autumn Wellie Walk, by Mrs McKenny

Remembrance Day, by Mr Clarke

Y4 Trip to Liverpool , by Miss Laverick

Year 2 Spring 2, by Miss Speakman

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