The dinosaurs are coming!!

Date: 3rd May 2016 @ 8:39pm

This half term Foundation Stage are learning about dinosaurs. We began our topic by finding out what we already knew about dinosaurs and the children could name quite a few. There was a dinosaur trail whereby the children had to count how many of each dinosaur they saw around the outdoor area and record it on the blackboard. In our soiled area the children excavated dinosaur bones and used toothbrushes to clean them. We had a go at creating our own fossils by printing dinosaur footprints in clay. Huge dinosaur footprints appeared on the floor too and the children had to estimate how many of their footprints would fill a dinosaur one.We also made our own volcano and with great delight watched it erupt (we did discuss how we wouldn't be so excited if this was in fact a real volcano!)

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