Superhero Learners in the Foundation Stage

Date: 3rd Mar 2016 @ 5:41pm

In Reception and Nursery, we are developing our attitudes to learning through focusing on particular skills that help us to be good learners. We have chosen 4 familiar characters to help the children in recognising what these skills are. Nemo is a very resilient learner and he always perseveres with challenges. Woody and Jessie are good at using their imagination and are great at making links. The Incredibles cooperate with each other and work collaboratively. Bob the Builder is good at making plans and being reflective in order to adapt his plans.


This week, we have awarded our first certificates to children who have stood out at adventure time for their excellent attitude to learning. We will be awarding certificates every other week and posting the photographs on the blog. We are always looking out for our superhero learners in school! We would love to hear about the children's attitudes to learning at home too.

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