Our Writing Trip by Lewis M

Date: 1st Nov 2016 @ 3:05pm

Our Writing Trip

We all got to school and got ready to go to Hale Village and Speke Hall with Year 5. When we got to Hale Village we saw John Middleton’s house and it had a plate on it that said that he lived from 1578 to 1623. He had incredible strength as he stood still in one spot while a wrestler called ‘The Bear’ tried to move him, we all got to stand next to the giant’s statue and got our photo taken with him.

We went to Speke Hall that was really only round the corner from the Village of Hale. When we got there we went on a trail around Speke Hall and there was a pair of giant sized shoes and everyone got to stand in them and have our photo taken with us in them.

We got back to the coach and we all went back to school then we had our dinner at 12:30 and Mrs Dixon was waiting for us. Then we had a fun time doing Arduinos after we had dinner.


Lewis M Y6

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