Our Trip to Clonter Theatre by Jack Burns

Date: 28th Sep 2016 @ 12:18pm

In Year Six, we went on a school trip to the Clonter Theatre, where we made a small-scale theatre that was fifty times smaller than the real theatre, then we went to a singing workshop where we learned a song called ‘Flash! Bang! Wallop!’

Firstly we planned out what type of set would go inside of our mini-theatres. Then we made all of our minute-props that would go in our model-theatres.

After that, we finished our model-theatres by sticking all of our mini-props in, then we lit them up with a variety of colourful lights

Finally, we went to the singing workshop, watched the cast rehearse and learned the aforementioned ‘Flash! Bang! Wallop! After that we had dinner, then we went to the theatre to listen to the songs we heard earlier, and also listened to their opera. 


I hope you enjoyed this blog about our trip to the Clonter Theatre in Congleton, Cheshire.


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