Going To Speke Hall And Hale Village by Kaitlyn

Date: 1st Nov 2016 @ 3:04pm

Going To Speke Hall And Hale Village

This week in Year 6 we went on an exciting trip to Hale Village. Firstly we got off the coach and went off into our groups. Then we headed off to the cottage were the Childe of Hale actually lived. The cottage had an old thatched roof and a huge gate around it and on the gate was a notice board saying that people can rent in for a holiday. Hale Village was a very quiet place all you could hear was twittering birds, the whistling birds and of course the rustling trees. Then we headed to the statue, it was huge!

Mr Veitch explained to us that the statue isn’t the size of the Childe of Hale it’s actually a bit smaller. So then one by one we got our picture took with the statue. Then we headed to his grave, it was enormous! It had bars around it so nobody could get on to it. On the grave there was writing on it, it was written in old English. We finally headed back to the coach  but that’s not it yet we had an extra treat we went to Speke Hall.

Speke Hall wasn’t as we all imagined it.  It reminded me of a farm but with lots of different hunts and clues. In each group we all read a clue and hunted for stuff like buttons and bows. After everything we did we just took a few pictures and headed home.

Kaitlyn Y6

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