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Date: 21st Oct 2016 @ 10:16am


Hi, my name is Cerys Finney and my class, Year Five have been learning about The Childe of Hale. First, we read the book which was very interesting. The Childe of Hale was by Rachel Lyon [a local author] and illustrated by Vanina Starkoff.

                                          Author Visit

The author of the book, Rachel Lyon, actually came to visit our school! She told us some interesting facts which included: The Childe of Hale was nine foot three when he died, at the age of forty five. The Childe of Hales real name was John Middleton. When The Childe of Hale slept his feet hung out the windows of his tiny cottage. That’s how tall he was! Isn’t that crazy?

                                        Trip to Hale

Not only did we meet Rachel Lyon, but Year Five took a trip to Hale where we saw The Childes humble cottage [now a rental home], a statue of him, and The Childes ancient grave.

                                         Speke Hall

After our trip to Hale, we went to Speke Hall to go on The Childe of Hale trail. My favourite activity during the trail was seeing the model of the Childe of Hales cottage with his feet hanging out the cramped little window; also every now and then he would snore LOUDLY. VERY LOUDLY.


Some of Year Fives parents came in to school to see The Childe Of Hales hand that we drew on paper and decorated it. I decorated my hand with facts, pictures and colour.

                             Why was the Childe so tall?

Now, you might be wondering why The Childe of Hale was so tall? Well, I can answer that! The Childe was so tall because he had a condition called gigantism which makes you grow extremely tall.

                      Writing Our Own Giant Stories

Year Five wrote our own giant stories using adjectives to make the story more interesting. My story ended with the giants being friendly after all. My giants came from planet Vortex and where known as the Vortexians.


I have really enjoyed learning about the Childe of Hale. My favourite activity was going on the trail in Speke Hall which was very exciting. I hope this blob encourages you to read ‘The Childe of Hale’; I would very much recommend it for children.

Below are some pictures to go alongside my blog.

Thank you for reading,


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